Hayslip Design Sherry Hayslip, ASID, IIDA, owner and principal designer of Hayslip Design Associates, Inc., along with her talented team, gives you the personal service you deserve and the attention to detail that every project, large or small, requires. Further, we know that every design project is a learning experience in which each one of us, veteran or beginner, is a continuing student of the art. And because every client is unique, every project is unique, and another opportunity to push the designing arts just a little further. http://www.hayslipdesign.com [search db=db/blog.db&neSKUdatarq=[blank]&eqSHOWdatarq=Yes&deDTsort=1&DTtype=date&deHRsort=2&HRtype=time&max=1][founditems] [format days_to_date %a, %d %b %Y][math]{[dt]}[/math][/format] [format seconds_to_time %H:%M:%S]{[hr]}[/Format] [date %z] [format days_to_date %a, %d %b %Y][math]{[dt]}[/math][/format] [format seconds_to_time %H:%M:%S]{[hr]}[/Format] [date %z] [/founditems][/search] [search db=db/blog.db&neSKUdatarq=[blank]&eqSHOWdatarq=Yes&deDTsort=1&DTtype=date&deHRsort=2&HRtype=time][founditems] [removehtml][title][/removehtml] [removehtml][short][/removehtml] http://www.hayslipdesign.com/blog.html?pid=[sku] tag:hayslipdesign.com,[dt]:/blog/[sku] [format days_to_date %a, %d %b %Y][math]{[dt]}[/math][/format] [format seconds_to_time %H:%M:%S]{[hr]}[/Format] [date %z] [/founditems][/search]